Revere's Honor

Revere’s scrub is a brand built with true intentions to provide healthcare workers with the comfort and style they deserve while in the work field. We recognize that speed, movement and flexibility is required 24/7 365 days to achieve positivity while in the field. It is Revere Scrub’s honor to stand by our heroes.

Our Mission

Revere scrubs is committed to providing scrubs that are comfortable, stretchy and durable. Healthcare workers are faced with saving lives, revere scrubs was coined out of deep respect and admiration for healthcare workers who sacrifice to save lives.

Today’s society has always revered the healthcare heroes and that’s why we created the Revere Scrubs to serve the workforce with quality, durability and style. Our goal is to uphold the dignity of healthcare heroes by giving them the liberty to express themselves while saving lives. .

Our Story

Revere scrub was built out of deep reverence for healthcare workers who sacrifice daily and put their lives on the line 24/7.

Our President Chikodili Ojei with over 10 years of experience in several specialities in the field, from working as a home health nurse to working at a nursing rehabilitation centre and then a level 1 hospital has been faced with challenges of wearing uncomfortable scrubs while trying to perform her duties.

She remembers complaining severally to her husband about having to adjust her scrubs while working. They spoke about how a flexible and durable scrub would be of benefit to the work force. Together with her husband, she applied her skills as a fashion retailer to create the
world’s most comfortable, flexible and stylish scrubs. We designed a sample and experimented wearing it to the gym to test its flexibility.

Working in the healthcare field and working out in the gym is not similar but it allowed us to experiment its flexibility performing different activities. We were satisfied the scrubs allowed for flexibility and movement. We went ahead and added style to the flexibility; which explains our slogan: “Bringing comfort and style to healthcare”.

We are honoured to provide health care heroes with the reverence they deserve.